Grey’s Anatomy Stagione 2 Episodio 10

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Dorie Russell is waiting for quintuplets, all 5 girls. Her husband seems more concerned than she is but she is set to bring her babies to their term of 36 weeks. All the departments are on call for the quintuplets as three of them have developped problems of different kinds. Meredith last night’s stand shows up at the hospital with priapism and they need to call Derek Sheperd for a consult which puts Meredith in a very embarassing position. Alex and Derek must take care of a patient who has a tumor inducing thirst as a side effect. On the love side, Alex and Izzie are having some slight sexual problems, while Meredith goes on adding one night stands and Cristina is thrown off course by being “keyed.”

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Data aerea: 2005-11-27