Grey’s Anatomy Stagione 1 Episodio 3

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A bike race injures several pedestrians as well as well as participants. One pedestrian is left brain dead. Christina and Issie wish to use his organs for organ donation but with Christina’s detachment and Issie’s ever hopeful attitude that the man will recover, they will find the organ harvesting process an emotional one. Preston faces feelings of his dislike of organ harvesting – as a surgeon, he likes saving lives; harvesting organs doesn’t save the person’s life. George deals with Mac, a friend of the chief, who won’t stop flirting with him. He is in need of a new liver. Meredith is fed up with Alex showing off as she continues trying to push Derek away. She also is reaching the limits of Issie’s sunshine and George’s politeness as she goes on living with them. Then there is their desire to see Meredith’s mother’s medical tapes. Getting through the day, Meredith realizes the keys to winning the race.

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Serie: Grey's Anatomy


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Titolo: Vincitori e vinti

Data aerea: 2005-04-10